LOC Furnace Oil [FO 380 CST]

Furnace oil is a dark, viscous residual fuel oil which is obtained by blending residual products from various refining processes with suitable diluents usually middle distillates to obtain the required fuel oil grades. These fuel oil grades are similar in nature and have been marketed under different specifications in various countries.

Product Features

Uses of Furnace Oil are:
1. As fuel for Power Generation in DG Sets
2. As fuel for Boilers/ Furnaces/ Air preheater/ Any other Heaters
3. Fuel/ Feedstock in Fertilizer Plants
4. Furnace oil is a class C product having Flash Point above 660C. Since this is a residual fuel, there has to be a gradual filtration system to prevent the filter choking and fuel nozzles choking. Due to its viscous nature, it has to be heated to improve its flow and to a proper temperature for proper atomization, Normally gear pumps are preferred to avoid cavitation problems.


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Note : The specification are subject to variation/development/customization.

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